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We're extremely proud of the team here at Marcomm Group.
They are talented, dedicated, hard-working and committed to the success of our clients.


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By assigning a senior level person to the day-to-day activities of each account, we make sure that our clients get the correct answers when they need them.


Over 20 Years of Success

As an early innovator in integrated marketing, we've helped to increase sales while building the brand of established and start-up B2B companies in a range of markets.

Integrated Marketing Agency

Founded in 1987, Marcomm Group recognizes the importance of reaching the desired market with an attention-getting "needs-focused" message that resonates with the key audience.

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    Diversity Campaign

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    Canon USA

    Professional Engineering & Solutions Division

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    B2B Green Marketing

    Discover how one company used their B2B green marketing advantages to build market share







our story::

We are an integrated marketing agency that creates advertising campaigns, PR programs, and a wide range of media designed to support business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts.

We work in a range of technology, industrial, and "green" company markets, with clients throughout the United States.

Throughout Marcomm Group's history of service to its clients (some of whom have been with the agency since it began), it has succeeded in helping them achieve their goals through a combination of senior-level expertise and award-winning creativity.

Marcomm Group's campaigns and initiatives have always utilized innovative marketing tools, from the latest social media to traditional press releases. Most important of all is Marcomm Group's creative mantra, which stresses "message attention and retention" and guides the company's efforts in meeting the marketing objectives of its clients.

Whether the marketing objectives suggest the need for a full-blown advertising campaign, PR program, brochure, video or website, Marcomm Group can help you to connect with the people that matter.

what we offer::

Advertising & Marketing

  • Advertising is essentially one of the key communication tools used to deliver a marketing message (based on a marketing strategy and objectives) to the desired buyer audience (marketplace). Marcomm Group creates both print and online advertising campaigns. In print, advertisers have about 1.2 seconds to catch a potential buyer's attention before they turn the page, which is why Marcomm Group stresses the importance of a clearly defined, powerful message and visual image that is intended to grab the reader and maximize message take-away and retention.

    Marcomm Group recognizes the importance of "breaking through the clutter" with a dynamic, purposeful message that focuses viewer attention and interest. The agency is also keenly focused on attracting an online viewer that makes sense for its clients, since the primary objective of advertising in general is to attract a qualified buyer.

    Marcomm Group believes that advertising is not simply about seeing an ad, but about remembering its message and converting it to a positive action, such as taking the next step in the buying process.

    Marcomm Group's philosophy is simple: A successful advertising campaign begins with an idea that effectively communicates a marketing objective via a message that connects with the desired (target) audience.


  • Sitting through a boring presentation with a meandering theme that makes it hard to focus on the primary and supporting messages can be painful to experience and highly unproductive to the person and company delivering it. At Marcomm Group, we understand the importance of an attention-getting presentation that captures audience interest and increases message retention. It is fundamental to achieving the desired communication (marketing) objectives.

    Typically, presentations that get noticed use video, Flash, and other eye-pleasing elements to "tell the story." In training, sales, and related efforts, effective presentations can be essential in getting the audience involved in the message, resulting in greater message retention or take-away.

    Marcomm Group creates a range of high-end presentations that take PowerPoint to the next level and beyond, using animation, video, interactivity, and even multiple screens to capture audience interest.

    Marcomm Group conceives, writes, and produces presentations that energize our clients' audiences and gets them to focus-in on the message. Many of the companies and government agencies that come to Marcomm Group for a better presentation recognize that a basic text-based PowerPoint isn't necessarily the right approach in a world where video, animation, and even 3-D define what viewers want to see.

    Marcomm also offers presentation coaching sessions using many of the same strategies Marcomm's president Bob Lipp used when he taught Communications at a major university.

Public Relations

  • Public Relations in the B2B marketplace demands a high level of competence and product knowledge, a keen sense of what the competition is doing to attract business, a creative mind-set that looks for new and interesting ways to deliver the message via print and online editorial, and solid relationships with industry editors and reporters.

    Unlike advertising, PR placements are not purchased or promised, which is why it is essential to engage a PR agency that understands your business, your products, and your market. Marcomm Group's PR team exemplifies these credentials, and "connects" with editors who focus on specific markets and professional product categories.

    Marcomm Group is also highly innovative in reaching the client's customer base, utilizing a range of print and video "stories" that focus on new technologies, user case studies, how-to guides, Q&A interviews with key personnel, and more.

    Marcomm Group's expertise extends across many different industries and market segments, including communication/imaging technology, healthcare and medical devices, industrial technology, energy, environmental services, industrial "green" products, financial services, and more.

    Our public relations professionals work with our clients to design and deliver a strategic and proactive program that reaches the desired audience and effectively communicates the marketing message.

Social Media/SEO

  • Social media and online marketing offer a range of valuable opportunities to connect with buyers or prospects via their wireless tablet, Smart Phone, laptop, or other device, although not all forms of online marketing are well-suited for B2B applications. 

    At Marcomm Group, we were early pioneers in web-based online marketing, and we continue today to provide the latest tools that make sense for our clients.

    Our online marketing services include:
    • SEO Website Design
    • Online Video Production
    • App Development 
    • Animated Trade Show Displays
    • Social Networking
    • Flash Email Creation
    • Keyword Advertising
    • Electronic Press Kits

our team::

Marcomm Group is distinguished by senior-level team members who work with select accounts on a day-to-day basis, ensuring effective communication and a get-it-done mentality that maximizes results.


Bob Lipp



Max Dutton

Dir. Media Development


Brian McKernan

VP, Public Relations


Nelly Rubinstein

Senior Art Director


Alexis O'Sullivan

VP, Adv. & Marketing


Holly Kowalzik

Dir. Account Services

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